Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Old Fashioned Dessert Mixes


You don't have to make these from scratch, because we did the hard part for you. Now all you have to do is add the other ingredients such as butter/milk/eggs, etc.

Rhodes House Kitchen Old Fashioned Dessert Mix-Made to order
Made the old fashioned way by scratch, just like your grandma did! We have the following choices of mouthwatering dessert mixes for your baking delight!

Smores Bars Mix (SBM)
Spiced Apple Cake Mix (SACM)
Ultimate Chocolate Brownie Mix (UCBM)
Oatmeal Raisen Cookie Mix (ORCM)
Vanilla Pudding Mix with Dried Fruit topping (VPM)
Chocolate Pudding Mix with Chocolate Bar and Nuts Topping (CPM)
Whole Wheat Muffin Mix (WWMM)
Chocolate Chip Muffins Mix (CCMM)

This would make an excellent gift to show you care for that hard to please person, or keep it for yourself when you want a quick dessert for the on the go person! Enjoy

Email me to purchase:
$6.50 +shipping/handling

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