Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Old Fashioned Soup Mixes


Why not warm up with some Rhodes House Kitchen Soup Mixes made from scratch from the Rhodes House Kitchen?

Made just like Mama did for you when you weren't feeling so well, or needed a little pick me up on a rainy day with a nice grilled cheese sandwich, or something hot to warm you on a cool, brisk day. Nothing as wholesome as fresh, homemade soup, make by hands that loved you!

Your choice of Enchilada Soup Mix (Comes with seasoning packet and beans), Minestrone Soup Mix (Comes with seasoning packet, grains and pasta), Chicken Noodle Soup Mix (Comes with seasoning packet, pasta and grains), Texas Two Step Soup Mix (Comes with seasoning packet, pasta, and whole grain tortilla chips), Mexican Bean Soup Mix (Comes with seasoning packet, beans and grains). Spring Chicken & Veg Soup Mix (Comes with seasoning packet, pasta, grains)

1-Enchilada Soup Mix
2-Minestrone Soup Mix
3-Chicken Noodle Soup Mix
4-Texas Two Step Soup Mix
5-Mexican Bean Soup Mix
6-Spring Chicken & Veggies Soup Mix

Each soup mix makes approximately 2 quarts of Soup. All you have to do is add soup mix, water, some extra veggies and/or meat as specified in directions and put in a large pot to cook. A great gift idea for that hard to please person. Enjoy!

Contact me to purchase:
$5.99 each + shipping/handling

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